2013, ZEPL (formerly known as NFLabs) started Zeppelin project here.

2014-12-23, Zeppelin project became an incubation project in Apache Software Foundation.

2016-06-18, Zeppelin project graduated incubation and became a Top Level Project in Apache Software Foundation.

Please visit zeppelin.apache.org to see the official Apache Zeppelin website.

Click and launch a Live Demo!

2020, Creators of Zeppelin started a service Staroid, a cloud platform for open source projects.

It turns open source projects into SaaS and fund developers when users use them.

Please visit staroid.com and launch your favorite open source projects.

2020, Creators of Zeppelin started an open source initiative, Open Data Studio.

Open Data Studio provides click-to-deploy, open source data analytics / ML stack on top of Staroid and others.

You can deploy Apache Zeppelin online in a few clicks with other popular projects in your team.

Please visit open-datastudio.io and join the community!